Bad Luck

I am a cat

I am a black cat

You better watch out on April 2nd

Make sure you don’t drop salt

Don’t let me go under your legs

Don’t go under a ladder

And don’t ever break a mirror

Try and find a four leaf clover

Or even a horseshoe

Because on April 2nd is when bad luck roams about!!


Glory Be

Today I finished Glory Be. The author was Augusta Scattergood. The main character was Glory. Glory had a sister named Jesslyn. The book was a drama. It took place in Mississippi, during the summer of 1964.The main problem was the pool was closed for Glory’s birthday and wouldn’t be opened in time for the fourth of July.

My first thought about Jesslyn, Glory’s sister, was that she was stuck up when she was with the pep squad. I know this is true because in the book Jesslyn said “Let’s go I said, it’s so hot I can hardly spit.” Jesslyn’s already at the pool. She might up and go and decide she is bored. I believe she behaved this way because she wanted to act like the pep squad. I picked Jesslyn because of her lies, going with strangers, and because Jesslyn looks like a strong girl.

Second, Jesslyn was a big fat liar to both her father and Glory. Jesslyn said to her father that she was going to the library when she was really going with Robbie Fox. “Pretty soon, here came Jesslyn gliding up the sidewalk. She didn’t say a single thing, just floated up the stairs to our room.” Jesslyn stretches the truth and so do I stretch the truth, sometimes.

Last, Jesslyn was a very happy girl with Robbie Fox. “Jesslyn and Robbie Fox walked into a store holding hands with Robbie Fox.” In a girl’s teens they start to like boys more. “I would text him in my room all the time.”

This proves that Jesslyn will do whatever it takes to be with Robbie Fox because she loves him. This also proves that Jesslyn is a stuck up liar. But after reading Glory Be, I realized that Jesslyn went from being mad at Glory to being kind to Glory.