6th Grade MS Ink Nonfiction Contest Winner

Stepping on the Cracks by Tyler Conklin

The author of the book Stepping on the Cracks is Mary Downing Hahn. She wrote a drama and historical fiction. This novel took place in the 1940s in a town called College Hill. In the story the main character was Margaret. One of the main problems was that Stuart was a deserter from the war and very sick hiding in a hut in the woods. Margaret’s life turns around because of Stuart.

First, Stuart was a deserter and was hiding in a hut and also very sick. Then Elizabeth and Margaret found the hut and found Stuart in the hut. Margaret and Elizabeth called Barbara to help. Because of Barbara, Stuart begins to get better. In the book, I’m like Stuart because I would never want to fight in a war.

Next, Stuart ran away from a war and was hiding in a hut. Then Gordy, Stuart’s brother, wasn’t going to school and not going home. Gordy claimed that a crazy man exists so the girls would not find Stuart in the woods. But they  found out that Stuart was a deserter.  “I stared at her, but she teased me with a secret for a few seconds. He’s not crazy and he’s not an old bum and he’s not a Nazi,” she finally said. Stuart is just like me, hiding from things I don’t want to face.

Then, Stuart was getting even sicker. Elizabeth and Margaret called Barbara. Barbara took Stuart to the doctor’s. Because of Barbara, Stuart got better and Barbara and Stuart fell in love.  “Gordy turned his back on us and went into the hut. Silent , Doug and Toad followed him.” Gordy doesn’t understand Stuart but he helps him anyway because he’s his brother. They show Barbara where he is. She said, “I’ll do whatever I can.” Gordy is just like me: strong and tough.  Gordy helps Stuart and I help my nana when she gets back from surgery.

This evidence proves that Stuarts very sick in a hut. This proves that Stuart is a deserter. This clearly demonstrates that Stuart is hiding from a war. This specific proof shows that he’s a 100 percent true deserter. After reading Stepping on the Cracks, I felt that Stuart has a hard life. The book deeply affected me because Stuart was very badly abused. Once I finished Stepping on the Cracks I reflected that he was almost killed. I think Stuart is coming of age to stand up for himself.