Social Media

OMG! Everyone put down your phones! Everyone that I know pretty much loves social media. I find it kind of funny when at restaurants you see people on their phones ignoring they are with. For all we know they could be texting each other because they are on the opposite side of the table.  This is why you need to spend more time with your family because at some point in your life you will need them or they will need you. You won’t get back the time you should have been spending with your family and you will regret it.

This is why we all need to stop using our electronics all the time and get out more and most of all spend more time with your family and friends. Now you know some things you can do instead of going on to social media sites all the time.

Peer Pressure

I am a 6th grade student taking health this marking period. Health has inspired me to write this because we learned all about peer pressure in class. Peer pressure is not fun because this is when “friends” tell you something or ask you to do something you don’t want to know or do. For example, when someone tells you to drink or smoke, many underage students do not say no and instead they listen and get addicted. I am sorry if someone in your family smokes. Just do not take after them. Always ask them to go and smoke somewhere else because of second-hand smoke. This is when a non-smoker can get hurt because they are breathing in all the bad air created by the smoker. If someone asks you to smoke and drink, please say NO!


Cold days are not fun, so here are things you can do to make them better:

  • Take a hot shower
  • Play a board game
  • Clean your room
  • Eat snacks
  • Hang with friends
  • Bake cookies
  • Practice playing your instrument
  • Drink hot cocoa
  • Read a book
  • Snuggle under a warm blanket with your family and watch a movie


These are just a few suggestions you can do on a cold winter day to make it better!

Glory Be

Today I finished Glory Be. The author was Augusta Scattergood. The main character was Glory. Glory had a sister named Jesslyn. The book was a drama. It took place in Mississippi, during the summer of 1964.The main problem was the pool was closed for Glory’s birthday and wouldn’t be opened in time for the fourth of July.

My first thought about Jesslyn, Glory’s sister, was that she was stuck up when she was with the pep squad. I know this is true because in the book Jesslyn said “Let’s go I said, it’s so hot I can hardly spit.” Jesslyn’s already at the pool. She might up and go and decide she is bored. I believe she behaved this way because she wanted to act like the pep squad. I picked Jesslyn because of her lies, going with strangers, and because Jesslyn looks like a strong girl.

Second, Jesslyn was a big fat liar to both her father and Glory. Jesslyn said to her father that she was going to the library when she was really going with Robbie Fox. “Pretty soon, here came Jesslyn gliding up the sidewalk. She didn’t say a single thing, just floated up the stairs to our room.” Jesslyn stretches the truth and so do I stretch the truth, sometimes.

Last, Jesslyn was a very happy girl with Robbie Fox. “Jesslyn and Robbie Fox walked into a store holding hands with Robbie Fox.” In a girl’s teens they start to like boys more. “I would text him in my room all the time.”

This proves that Jesslyn will do whatever it takes to be with Robbie Fox because she loves him. This also proves that Jesslyn is a stuck up liar. But after reading Glory Be, I realized that Jesslyn went from being mad at Glory to being kind to Glory.

Meet Our New Spanish Teacher: Mrs. McLean

Mrs. McLean is a  teacher new to our school this year. She moved to the middle school from the high school. She has also taught in Newark and Rockaway.

Mrs. McLean loves kids, which led her into teaching. She had a teacher in 2nd grade who greatly influenced her life.  She was very close with her teacher and ate lunch and spent recess with her everyday.

Mrs. McLean attended Kean University and was able to stay close to home and work full time while attending school. She became a Spanish teacher to help fill the demand for Spanish teachers.

One thing Mrs. McLean has learned from her students is to not judge a book by its cover. Her lesson for all of us is to stay in school, enjoy school, and have fun!

Fun facts about Mrs. McLean: Her favorite sport is soccer; she loves rice and beans; she drinks diet Coke; she loves Twix bars; and her favorite cookie is soft chocolate chip.

Stop by to meet Mrs. McLean and share her favorite expression: ‘Gracias a Dios es viernes!’

What Teacher Would Like to Have a Pool in Our School? Mr. Vallaro, That’s Who!

He was born in New Jersey, went to Montclair State University, and has a dog named Baxter .

Mr. Vallaro knew in high school what he wanted to do for his career: be a history teacher. He loved working with kids and had a teacher who was very passionate about history.  Mr. Vallaro also loved  learning about different time periods.  He loves the colonial period and loves learning about our nation’s birth and founding fathers. One of his favorite people in American history is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was our President during World War II.

Mr. Vallaro played baseball, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer growing up. He still plays many of these sports today.

A valuable lesson Mr. Vallaro would like to pass on to  students is to be open-minded about what you want to do in life.